We are instrumental in offering best and world class assortments of Cable Route Tracer. These systems are designed by our experts with the use of cutting edge technology and machines. These systems are designed for route tracing of cables. They are easy to install and high in functionality. Too, they are available in many specifications. These tracer systems are cost effective in rates.

Reliable and cost-effective equipment for Cable Route Tracing

Route tracing system is an essential item in the kit for fault location of underground power or telecom cable network. CRT 8 is a powerful audio frequency system that can be effectively used for various functions.

It offers unique functions such as route tracing of any type of cable for more than 10 km or depth measurement up to 6 meters.

The system comprises of audio transmitter AFG 8, receiver unit AFR 4 , search coil SC 4 and other accessories. Complete system is offered in a robust molded carrying case.

Route Tracing

The success of locating exact fault point on the underground cable depends on the search carried out on the lay of the cable. This requires accurate location of the cable under test. Three crystal controlled frequencies, wide range of impedance matching, galvanic and inductive couplings in the transmitter AFG8 offer complete flexibility to get the right function performed accurately

Depth Measurement

The depth of the cable under test is carried out by triangulation method. This method is found to give more accurate results in presence of other metallic utilities in close proximity.

Cable Identification

The system can accurately identify the wanted telecom cable in the bunch of cables.

Pin-Pointing of fault

A contact nature fault cannot be pin-pointed by acoustic method using surge wave system. CRT 8 system can effectively pin-point such faults

Route tracing live cables (active mode)

The transmitter AFG 8 can be coupled to any live cable (any working voltage) by inductive devices such as transmitter coil/tong to induce the signal in it. The cable is traced by the receiver unit and search coil in the normal manner.

Route tracing live loaded cables (passive mode)

Route tracing of live loaded cables can be carried out by using only receiver unit AFR 4 and search coil in passive mode.

Ground Survey

The system can be effectively used to carry out ground survey. Transmitter AFG 8 coupled with transmitter coil is kept on the ground surface to induce the signal in the underground utilities. Search is carried out by the receiver and search coil for a definite area. The direction of the transmitter coil is rotated in steps and the search is carried out to locate the underground utilities such as cables, pipes and metallic objects.

Customer Service

All equipments have been designed based on safety, capability, field application, ruggedness and ease of operations. We try to o ff e r t h e b e s t p o s s i b l e s o l u t i o n s f o r t h e j o b . We not only offer our after sales services to the customers through our branches / authorized agents, but also offer training to the working staff of the customer under specialized training programs.


Audio Frequency Generator  AFG 8

Output :1 – 2 – 4 – 8 Watts selectable.

Output Frequencies:480 Hz – 1450 Hz – 9820 Hz selectable. (All frequencies quartz-controlled)

Matching:Matching of the Output impedance of the connected cable is carried out in the range 0.5…1000 Ohms.

Indication:Meter Indication of   relative transmitted power and charge condition of the accumulators