cable fault locator

We take a huge pleasure in the market by offering best and most perfect quality assortments ofCable Fault Locator. These cable locators are produced by our experts with the use of best quality basic materials and cutting edge technology. These machines are metal finished and very easy in operations. They are highly appreciated for its many hi tech features like Impulse Display on CRT, 4½ Digit LED Display and easy touch operations. They are affordable too.


  • Direct Digital Distance Readout
  • 4½ Digit LED Display
  • Time Domain Reflectometry Technique
  • Impulse Display on CRT ±1% Accurate
  • 5 Km & Above Range
  • Test any Type of Paired Conductor and Coaxial Cable
  • Battery Powered, Light Weight
  • Self Check Facility
  • Low Batt Indication
  • Built in Timer to Save Battery Energy
  • Easy to Use
  • High Voltage on Lead Indication
  • Compares Good Pair & Faulty Pair


  • APLAB Model 3039-I cable fault locator is portable, rugged, simple to operate and which can taste, locate & display on the CRT the short & open type of faults in long run of coaxial and twisted pair in telephone and other communication application. It measures the distance to the faults, directly giving a digital readout. It also gives an insight into the joints, cable changes and faults aiding location of the fault.
  • Model 3039-I works on the principle of Time domain reflectometry (TDR) and locates cable faults up to an approximately distance of 5 Km & above with an accuracy of ±1%. The velocity of propagation (VOP) V/2 for each cable type is set on a three digit thumb wheel switch. It sends out an electrical narrow pulse of 35 to 1800ns width depending on distance to be covered with a fast rise time. The pulse is then reflected back to the unit from the cable impedance mismatch or the fault location. The distance of the fault is then computed automatically and indicated in meters or feet on a large LED display which will eliminate the manual calculations. Fault type is also identified by the graphic display of the shape of the reflected pulse. It is simpler to operate and less error prone than manual bridge technique.
  • It being light weight and portable can be carried on the field and can be operated for at least 8 hours on the internal rechargeable batteries. Model 3039-I is provided with rechargeable batteries and an in built battery charger.